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There are a currently only a few apps on the Android platform specifically for amateur radio, so I thought I’d add my 2p worth.

I’ve recently written a simple free application for the android platform to help locate, and find useful information about the UK’s Amateur Radio Repeaters whilst out ant about. The idea is that instead having to use the internet to lookup the appropriate CTCSS frequency, Tx/Rx frequency etc… for a particular repeater, you can see what settings you need to use on your radio by just running the app. – don’t forget to switch your GPS on!

The main screen on Repeater Range shows a list that updates every 30 seconds with the distance and bearing of all the repeaters (nearest first) then if you select a particular repeater from the list you can see/update more detailed information. If you’ve got an android phone – give it a try and let us know what you think.

Repeater Range Screen Shots

Scan the QR Code below with your android handset to find the app on the Android Market

Repeater Range Android Market QR Code

M3OYQ’s Repeater Range Android App Home Page

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