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Repeater RangeM3OYQ’s Repeater Range is a free application designed to run on the Android mobile phone platform. The the app listens to the onboard GPS and displays the bundled repeater database as a simple list sorted by the range, and also displays the bearing from your current location. The list updates every 30 seconds making it useful whilst travelling. On selecting a particular repeater from the list, another screen is displayed allowing you to view or update the information relating to the selected repeater, such as Input/Output frequencies, CTCSS Tone, Maidenhead Locator, Latitude, Longitude, and a status setting.

Repeater Range V1.0 Screen shots

M3OYQ Repeater Range Screen Shots
Screen Shots

Version 1.0 is really a proof of concept and has quite limited functionality, however if there is enough interest I will develop the app further. M3OYQ’s Repeater Range is available in the android market, just search for repeater range on your handset, or if you have the Bar-code Scanner app, you can use the QR code below to locate it.

Scan or Click the QR image below

M3OYQ Repeater Range QR Code
M3OYQ Repeater Range QR Code

to download Repeater Range on your handset

Future Versions.

I wrote this app initially because it filled a need for me to be able to find out the frequencies and CTCSS tones of local repeaters whilst I travel to less

Requires Android 1.5 or greater

familiar places in the UK, however since I released Repeater Range on the Android Market I have had some excellent, and very encouraging feedback, much more than I expected!! Including some offers of help to add more repeaters in countries other than the UK, and also several requests for additional features and functionallity.

Why I have sponsor’s advertisements on the app

When I first developed this app I considered selling a paid for version of M3OYQ’s Repeater Range on Android Marketplace but decided that I wanted to keep the product free for the Amateur Radio community as there where very few apps available for our use. I develop software for my day job too and I see this kind of thing as a hobby but it does take a quite a lot of my time! By including relevant advertisements which maybe of use to the M3OYQ’s Repeater Range user, I can keep it free to users as I am paid a very small amount for each advert click from an interested ham.

Your Ideas

If you have any ideas about how I could improve the app or you have spotted any bugs, or you would like to help me collate data, please post them as a comment to this page (n.b. I get a high volume of comment spam and therefore have to moderate each comment, so please be patient).

Unfortunately I don’t have limitless time to develop as I want to keep this app free, I’ll look at each suggestion and try to release more frequent but small updates rather than big releases with lots of changes, that way it’ll be easier to fit in to my spare time. I can’t guarantee I’ll implement all or even any of the suggestions provided as it’s a free app and I’m writing it in my spare time.

Suggestions So Far:

  • Include various other countries in the database
  • Add a way in which to search for a particular repeater
  • Add a filter option to exclude/include different bands
  • Add a Map View to display the repeaters graphically
  • Options for imperial and metric ranges

Currently Looking Into

  • Adding the repeaters in the USA to the database
  • Adding a filter to include/exclude different bands
  • Adding a map view

Known Bugs

When handset is rotated to landscape the app crashes. (Fix coming in next update)



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